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WebZeo Pro+ - An Affordable Website Design Solution in RSM, Orange County

WebZeoPro+ is a  full-service web solution that includes everything needed to establish and maintain a multi-dimensional web prescence, including a desktop website, a mobile website, marketing, plus an annual maintenance allotment.  WebZeo Pro+ includes a WebZeo professionally engineered desktop website, a MobZeo professionally engineered mobile website, regular and mobile domains, hosting of both websites, optimization of both websites with meta keywords, meta tags and meta descriptions, ongoing monthly submission to 200 search engines, and more.  Typical turn around for a WebZeo Pro+ package is 48/72 hours after receiving your information.

WEBZEOPRO+ Package Includes:

Web Presence Builder
Manage the content of your website from a 'state-of-the' art Content Management System (CMS).  Your website will be easy for you to update from an 'easy-to-use' website editor interface. 


Up to 5 Professionally Designed Pages
Examples of pages include Home, About Us, FAQ, Testimonials, Contact Us, Privacy, Our Products, Our Service, Photo Gallery, Video Gallery, etc.  Additional pages can be added to this package upon request!


Branding / Color Scheme
If you have an existing color scheme your new website will be customized to match your company branding


Custom Designed Header
A custom designed professional header image to appear on all your pages.


Logo Integration
Seamlessly integration of your logo into the custom header graphic.


Custom Designed Background
A customized background will be designed to compliment your website and make it pop! 


Custom Designed Favicon
A customized favicon (bookmark graphic) icon.


Social Media Profile Links
Up to 4 social media icons (Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, Etc.) included on all pages.


Photo or Video Gallery
A video gallery (up to 4 videos) or a photo gallery (up to 8 images).  Additional images can be added at any time upon request.


Contact Us Form Page
Contact Us form page with Name, Email, Phone & Description fields.  Completed forms will be email to you upon submission.


Search Field
A search field added to all pages to allow visitors to search for specific content in your website.


Content Formatting
Content will be added to all pages and formatted to look professional and keep with your company's branding.


Creation and upload of a robot.txt file to the host account to instruct search engine crawlers and bots.


Annual Website Maintenance
2 hours of maintenance per year, includes adding, editing or removing page content, testimonials, images, graphics, videos, etc.


MobZeo Mobile Website
A free MobZeo mobile website will be created and trended to match your WebZeo website. MobZeo works with your WebZeo website and includes mobile features such as "Touch to Call," "Get Directions," "Book Appointments," etc. Please visit for a detailed product description.


Mobile Visitor Redirect
Set up of the desktop website to automatically redirect mobile users to the MobZeo mobile website.


Mobile Sub-Domain
Set up of a mobile sub-domain for mobile visitors, i.e.


Mobile / Desktop Toggle
Links added to both the MobZeo and WebZeo websites to allow visitors to choose between desktop and mobile sites.


Meta Keywords
Keywords added to page meta tags.  This helps search engines to find your website.


Meta Description
Company description added to page meta tags.  This helps search engines to find your website.


Meta Titles
Keyword optimized titles added to page meta tags.  This helps search engines to find your website.


Image Alt Tags
Keywords added to the alt tags of images.  This helps search engines to find your website.


Create a Google Account
Creation of a Google Analytics account.


Google Analytics Integration
Google Analytics setup including site validation and tracking code integration for visitor traffic reporting and trends.


MobZeo Keyword Integration
Keywords and meta description added to each page of your MobZeo mobile website.


MobZeo & Google Analytics
Google Analytics added to your mobile site.


XML Site Map
A site map in XML format will be created listing all your pages and instructing Google & BING how often to crawl.


Google Webmaster Tools
All pages of your site and the XML site map manually submitted to Google from Webmaster Tools.  This helps Google find your website.


BING Webmaster Tools
All pages of your site and the XML site map manually submitted to BING from Webmaster Tools.  This helps BING find your website.


Manual URL Submit to Google, Bing & Yahoo
Manual submission of your website's domain to the most popular search engines.


Submit Website to 400+ Search Engines
Initial submission of your website to over 400 search engines, directories & indexes


Google Places
Creation of a Google Places account so you can be found on Google Maps.


BING Places
Creation of a BING Places account so you can be found on BING Maps.


Yelp Business Listing Setup
Yelp listing setup including your contact information, company details, industry category, profile image, links to your other site & social media profiles including Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.


Ongoing Search Engine Submissions
Regular monthly submission of your website to 200 search engines, directories & indexes.


MobZeo URL Submission
Submission of your MobZeo mobile website to 200 search engines, directories, & indexes.


Monthly Google Snapshot Report
Receive a monthly snapshot of your Google analytics dashboard.


Domain Name Registration
Acquisition and registration of your website's domain name, i.e.


Website Hosting
Reliable website hosting with full access to your control panel and all its features.


Full webmail access to your email from your browser


POP 3 Email Accounts
Pop3 email accounts with email forwarding, auto responders, antivirus protection, spam filter, and more!   


Website Backup
Access to backup manager & ability to restore.


MobZeo Mobile Website Hosting
MobZeo mobile website hosting.